National Prevention Agreement Netherlands

The Netherlands is a country that has always been at the forefront of promoting and advocating for the health and well-being of its citizens. In 2018, a major step was taken towards achieving this goal with the signing of the National Prevention Agreement.

What is the National Prevention Agreement?

The National Prevention Agreement is a collaborative effort between the Dutch government, healthcare providers, businesses, and civil society organizations. The agreement aims to reduce the instances of diseases that are preventable through lifestyle changes such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and a sedentary lifestyle.

The agreement is a comprehensive plan that includes over 200 measures, ranging from promoting healthy diets to creating smoke-free environments. It aims to achieve a 20% reduction in diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyles by 2040.

Why is the National Prevention Agreement important?

The agreement is important because it recognizes the importance of preventing diseases rather than just treating them. It shifts the focus from the individual to a collective responsibility of society to promote healthy living. By doing so, the agreement seeks to reduce the burden on the healthcare system and improve the quality of life of Dutch citizens.

What are some of the measures included in the agreement?

Some of the measures included in the National Prevention Agreement include:

1. Increasing the price of cigarettes and tobacco products to discourage smoking.

2. Promoting healthy diets by reducing the use of salt, sugar, and saturated fats in food production.

3. Encouraging physical activity through initiatives such as the construction of bicycle lanes and promoting walking.

4. Creating smoke-free environments in public places such as bars and restaurants.

5. Raising awareness of the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption through campaigns and education.

What has been the impact of the National Prevention Agreement so far?

Since the signing of the agreement, there has been a significant reduction in smoking prevalence in the Netherlands. The number of people who smoke has decreased by 2% within a year, and there has been an increase in the number of people who have quit smoking. The government has also introduced measures to create smoke-free environments in public places, which has been well received by the public.


The National Prevention Agreement is a significant step towards promoting healthy living in the Netherlands. By bringing together stakeholders from various sectors, the agreement recognizes the role of the government, businesses, and civil society organizations in promoting healthy lifestyles. The measures included in the agreement have had a positive impact, and there is hope that the Netherlands will continue to make progress towards achieving its goal of reducing preventable diseases by 2040.

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