Svvsd Master Agreement

All Sick Leave Bank applications are reviewed by a board of directors, and any board decision is final and is not subject to appeal procedures. You are not allowed to claim hours of sick service while you are receiving a short-term permeable work allowance or disability from the PERA. The full statutes and procedures relating to the licensed sick leave bank are published in Article 22-Sick Leave Bank of the AVVSD- SVVEA Master Agreement Document. The classified, Professional/Technical Sick Leave Bank statutes are published in the corresponding staff manuals (section 4.9 in the classified manual and 4.10 in the APT manual). These documents are available online on the manual page of the staff website: 3. AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION: Well-being in partnership with parents, legal guardians and the community. The Board of Directors pursues the following policy regarding public participation in board meetings:[5] The Student Council is composed of 4 to 5 high school students from each of our high schools, selected by teachers and administrators. The Student Council was created 12 years ago by Dr. Haddad so that students can contribute to superintendents` feelings about how students feel about the borough. That the school board approve the minutes of the January board meetings.

Board members will have the opportunity to share recognitions, praise from staff and students, committee reports and events they have attended. That the Board of Education approved a fee adjustment of $141,854 for a total amount of $1.185,000 with Anderson Mason Dale Architects` computer for the design of the niwot renovation project and authorizes Brian Lamer, Assistant Superintendent of Operations, to sign contract documents. HIRE DATE POSITION LOCATION NEW POSITION REPLACEMENT The Board of Education authorizes the selection and award of contracts to Golden Triangle Construction, Inc. for Site Manager/General Contractor (CMGC) for US$542,000 for the Main Street School Renovation Project. This partial approval is intended to allow the rapid purchase of equipment for the maintenance of the project plan, with construction beginning in the summer of 2019. In addition, authorize Brian Lamer, Assistant Superintendent of Operations, to sign contract documents up to the amount approved above. 2. Signing of the BC-E-1 Board of Trustees Exhibition – Code of Ethics for School-Age Schools The St.

Vrain Valley School District Board of Education consists of seven members elected for four years in certain seats. Members receive no compensation for their performance on the board of directors. [4] LICENSED 2/4/2019 Boffa, Sarah Speech Language Pathologist Student Services X 1/10/2019 Chen, Yinfeng Teacher, Orchestra Niwot HS X 1/9/2019 Kegel, Spencer Lehrer, Sprachkunst Niwot HS X 1/7/2019 Jones, Margarete Teacher, Mathematics Longmont HS 1/7/2019 Kim, Elaine Audiologist Student Services X 1/7/2019 Larsen, Julie Teacher, Mathematics Silver Creek HS X 1/29/2019 Larsen, Jacob Teacher Language Arts Skyline HS 1/7/2019 Lee, Catrina Teacher, Language Arts Olde Columbine HS 1/7/2019 McClure, Laura Teacher, Preschool Eagle Crest ES X 1/22/2019 Stevens Bart Teacher, Special Education Mead HS 12/20/2018 Suchomel, Chelsea Teacher, Grade 2 Soaring Heights PK-8 X The following table separates district revenues from the three sources identified by the agency: local, federal and federal. 07.01.2019 Pope, Anthony Parap-dagoge, SSN/Autism/Special Education Thunder Valley ES X 1/7/2019 Reid, Shannon Paraeducator, Instructional Longmont Estates ES X 1/22/2019 Rushton, Kathleen Paraeducator, Preschool Mountain View ES X ADMINISTRATIVE/TECHNICAL/TECHNICAL 1/28/2019 Fukai, Todd Executive Director – Human Resources Human Resources X 1/7/2019 Hoehn, Toni Digital Curriculum/Assessment Support Specialist District Technology Services X 1/16/2019 Money, Joanna Specialist – RTTT Innovation Center X Longmontperformed

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