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In addition, the IRS report finds that the Court`s opinion in McPherson/. Blacker pointed out that the diversity of state laws that existed shortly after the constitution was ratified suggests that state legislators have several alternatives ”types of voter choice,” the court did not identify voter choice based on the results of the national referendum as one of them. [72] This is because, according to the IRS report, there is no evidence that coincides with the ratification of the Constitution of a state that chooses its constituents in this way, 1995) concludes that States cannot exercise their delegated authorities under Article I in a way that ”would fundamentally alter the constitutional structure” and can only alter the presidential election process, as described in Article V as part of the constitutional amendment process (a view for which at least five lawyers have argued). [List 1] However, the CRS report states that the question of whether the delegated authorities of state legislators, under Article II, have the opportunity to require state legislators to hand over their ballots in accordance with the national referendum, remains open since there is no specific precedent and is probably not resolved pending a future court decision in a case challenging the constitutionality of the NPVIC. [72] We are currently focusing on a handful of purple states on the fact that almost all states allocate their electoral votes in the same way as Florida: the winner of the state referendum wins all the state`s voters. Appearing before parliaments in support of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, Fadem says he would like to give an example of what it would mean for voters. ”It`s election night, and you see the return. What does a voter want to know? They look at the screen and say they are 22,284,000 [like] the popular national sum,” he says. They know that their voice is in that amount, so it is an absolute confirmation that their vote really mattered. Fadem believes they will receive the remaining 74 votes on board before the 2024 presidential elections, which would then benefit from less ”chaos” that goes hand in hand with the electoral college. ”If the national referendum were in effect for this election, we would know who won,” he said of the 2020 presidential race. ”We are very optimistic that we will have this for the next election, so we hope this will be the last election this country will face under the current system.” The table below lists previous bills that have obtained an initial vote (a vote by the entire House) in at least one chamber of the state legislature.

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