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By Professor A. Damodaran Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore Seminar on WIPO Services and Initiatives Topic 5; Global IP databases, platform and tools for the Knowledge Economy networked Oslo October. 11 INDIAN PERSPECTIVE The EU cabinet ratified India`s accession to the Madrid Protocol in 2007. Changes to trademark law, 1999 and rules. The bill provides for an 18-month time limit for registering a trademark. When an international registration originates in India, the holder or applicant can submit an international application on a required form. If the person has an international registration, he or she may, on the required form, apply for international registration with another contracting party. MEMBERS MADRID AGREEMENT ONLY 06 MADRID PROTOCOL ONLY 28 AGREEMENT AND PROTOCOL 50 TOTAL84 4 What is the Madrid protocol? Members of the Madrid Protocol: more than 80 contracting parties visit www.wipo.int for updating the list 14 submission strategies. Consider waiting for the home application to separate the opposition period before the international application is filed (risk of a centralized attack).

If the applicant needs a single mark in all designated countries, several potential brands are recommended, as it is unlikely that a trademark will be accepted everywhere 4 Simple OBJECTIVEs, a cost-effective and efficient system. Makes it easier to secure brands. Since international registration is equivalent to a set of national registrations, post-protection management is simpler. However, it is an international registration filtering system that is not designed as a harmonization treaty or a registration contract. The Madrid Protocol: The Main Benefits, Risks and Strategies 12 CONCLUSION The Madrid Protocol was undoubtedly a success. Changes needed. INDIAN PERSPECTIVES: Be careful to avoid unnecessary difficulties. 3 What is the Madrid Protocol? For more information, see Global Trademark Resources on www.inta.org for: -Practitioner`s Guide to the Madrid Agreement and Madrid Protocol – Madrid Protocol and Community Trade Trade Mark and the Madrid Protocol Comparison fact sheets – Madrid System Topic Portal 2 What is the Madrid Protocol? International treaty that is managed by WIPO Single Vehicle to obtain trademark registration in several jurisdictions by a single trademark body to obtain and keep INDE S PREPARATION FOR THE ACCESS TO THE MADRID PROTOCOL – INDE IS NOT A YET MEMBRE. A DRAFT BILL HAS PREPARED FOR THE MODIFICATION OF THE PRESENT TRADEMARK ACT.

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