Dcma Mobility Agreement

(A) In special circumstances, a contract management organization may request the assistance of a component that is not listed in the Federal Directory of Contract Administration Services (available on the Internet under pubapp.dcma.mil/CASD/main.jsp). An example is a situation in which the contractor`s construction site is on a military base and a basic organisation is invited to provide support. Before formally sending the request, you consult with the relevant office to ensure that resources are available and able to provide assistance. (ii) Contract management functions for basic, postal, storage and station contracts relating to a military installation are normally the responsibility of the facility commander or lessee. Other vacancies may be filled as a basis of this notice. The substitution of education should not be used in place of specialized experience for this class. If the position has a minimum training requirement and/or if you use training to qualify instead of specialized experience, you MUST provide transcripts (unofficial ones are acceptable at the time of application) to support your education applications. POSTGRADUATE TRAINING: An academic year of postgraduate training is considered to be the number of credit hours that your postgraduate school has defined as a full-time academic year. These studies may have been completed on a full-time or part-time basis. .