Tenancy Agreement Chinese Version

1. This set of guidelines completes the rental contract in the residential DIY e-package. It outlines the steps that parties must take after signing a lease agreement to meet the legal requirements for the registration, registration and presentation of form CR 109 for a lease. Real estate is usually rented with one-year leases, but there are exceptions and some landlords are open to negotiation over the duration of the rent. What if there was a Chinese lease that you could download, which has already been translated into English and could be used to negotiate simply with your landlord? Using a bilingual Chinese-English lease will help you and your landlord feel comfortable with what you sign and what the expectations are. This electronic package consists of a standard residential rental contract and a series of instructions for stamping, registering and submitting the CR109 form for a residential lease. The rental contract and model guide are available in English and Chinese. The public can adapt and adapt and use the standard rental agreement to its own residential rental situation. The guidelines provide a detailed guide to the necessary steps the public must take to comply with the legal requirements for stamping, registration and submission of form CR 109 after signing a rental agreement. A written agreement facilitates the development of these problems. The agreement will be immediately given to you in Word format so that you can re-check and print as you please. The rental agreement is usually written only in Chinese. It is possible to request an English translation, but in the event of a dispute, the Chinese version is the legally binding document.

The lease is concluded either between the lessor and the individual or between the owner and the employer. Details of the contract must include the monthly rent and terms of payment, the duration of the tenancy agreement, the terms and the value of the deposit paid. It should also contain other items such as maintenance, services and invoices, as well as all restrictions, such as. B if pets are allowed.