Hunt Military Housing Lease Agreement

You can apply for accommodation at any time, but as a general rule, 30 days before the date of your report, you will not be questioned later. Exceptions apply. If no accommodation is available, you can apply for the placement on our waiting list based on your rank and the number of rooms for which you qualify. We will assign units as soon as they become available. Please contact the office for more information. Scott Family Housing uses its experience in the private sector to provide first-class services and amenities to our military families. We are proud of our commitment to customer service and our goal is to provide a product that meets or exceeds the standards of the surrounding community. In the case of transportation, the member may apply for a move to the housing category that is appropriate for his rank. The move is made on a voluntary basis and at the member`s expense. The member`s rent is increased according to the increased BAH and a new lease must be signed. The move is subject to the availability of accommodation.

The following circumstances would be a change in your status that would interrupt your eligibility. First, if you are promoted or downgraded, your BAH will be adjusted and your debit protection will be reset for your new rank. Second, if your dependency status changes (with dependents or vice versa), your housing allowance will be adjusted to the new status and the current BAH rate. What is the impact of the privatization of military housing on the basic allowance of a member of the housing services (BAH)? Send a correct 30-day notice directly to our management office as soon as you become aware of your moving agreements. If you do, contact our office as soon as you are notified. we help you take the necessary steps to evacuate the accommodation. Yes, all residents must sign a lease to move into apartments. Foreign military personnel do not receive a BAH and cannot pay by allocation. How do foreign students pay their rent? Yes, yes.

Please leave us a contact point for the rear detachment if we were to contact you about your allowance. Please comment further on the distribution of BAH fees and rents. The number of pets in a house is limited to two cats, two dogs or a cat and a dog, with a weight limit of 100 pounds per pet. Residents are required to complete an addendum pet with the rental agreement and register their pets with the basic veterinarian. For each pet, a non-refundable fee of $100 is charged at the time of moving in. The following breeds are not allowed: Doberman, Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Wolf Hybrid, or mixes of this breed or another breed with locking cheeks or any breed that is routinely aggressive. (Aggressive animals can be any breed and are defined as grunts to humans outside or inside fences, lungs, teeth, etc.) Residents are responsible for any damage to pets. Exotic animals and/or farm animals are not allowed. What if I decide to break my lease for other reasons before the end of the year? Your spouse can sign the lease if he has a power of attorney. If your spouse does not have a power of attorney, please contact the Scott Family Housing Office for additional support.