Google Tag Manager Data Processing Agreement

We will continue to monitor the evolution of international data transfer mechanisms under the RGPD and are committed to having a legal basis for data transfers in accordance with existing data protection legislation. We will immediately notify you of any incidents regarding your customer details in accordance with the event conditions in our agreements with you. We continue to maintain and invest in advanced technologies to detect and prevent threats, as well as a rigorous 24/7 event management program that will allow you to identify and respond to security or data protection events without delay and with the information available. First, the method of approval is not a platform for managing consent. For consent to be effective, you must already have a system or solution to collect and resolve the user`s consent for the data collected on your website. The Privacy Shield Frameworks provided a mechanism for meeting data protection requirements when transferring personal data from the EEA, the United Kingdom or Switzerland to the United States and beyond. While the data protection shield remains in force at present, given the recent decision of the European Court of Justice on data transfers, which invalidates the EU-US data protection shield, Google will rely on standard contractual clauses for relevant data transfers which, in accordance with the judgment, may continue to be a valid legal mechanism for data transfer under the RGPD. We will provide more information about these updates (including calendars) as soon as possible. Typical contractual clauses are already proposed as a Google Cloud transfer mechanism. The main purpose of cookies is to speed up access to selected services for users. In addition, cookies are used to tailor the services offered by the website so that information of interest or potentially of interest can be made available to users based on their use. A cookie is any type of file or device downloaded to a user`s system to store data that can be updated or retrieved by the company responsible for the installation. As part of our information exchange activities described above, your personal data may be transferred to other countries (including non-EEA) that may have different data protection standards than in your country of residence.

The website is hosted within the EU. Our servers, which are relevant for further processing, are located in Korea. We have appropriate guarantees with the third parties concerned (for example. B other Hyundai Group companies that operate websites on our behalf) to ensure an adequate level of privacy protection.