Fairfax County Hold Harmless Agreement

In Virginia, the compensation provisions are a possible restriction on the blanket prohibition enforcement of non-responsibility. Compensation provisions are agreements between parties who share responsibility between them. Unlike declarations of non-responsibility, compensation provisions do not prevent victims from suing for damages as a result of catastrophic bodily harm. However, compensation clauses can sometimes require the victim to compensate the wrongdoer for the costs of the damages action – which does not distinguish the end result of a compensation clause from a waiver of liability. A qualified personal injury lawyer in Virginia can analyze contracts, case law and other applicable rules to determine if your legal rights are affected by the waiver from the compensation clause. If you resign from liability before doing a potentially dangerous activity, you may be wondering, “Can I waive my right to sue?” or “Will non-responsibility be brought to justice?” Withdrawal clauses before violations are an attempt to cause you to lose your legal right to action in the event of a violation. In Virginia, the answer to the validity and application of these unloaded clauses is generally a resounding “NO.” While there are important exceptions (your personal injury lawyer in Virginia can help you explain them), the waiver of liability in Virginia is generally unenforceable. Therefore, even if you signed an exit clause prior to the violation and have been seriously injured during an activity, you can keep an assault lawyer in Virginia and claim damages. Even though the abandonment of responsibility is generally unenforceable in Virginia, criminals can still try to hold you to that.

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